The wait is over!


The NFL and the referee has reached an agreement!! YES!! Get them replacement refs the f%€k outta here!!!


NFL Screw Job


Let me start off by saying I haven’t seen a screwjob like this since Vince screwed Bret at Survivor Series in Montreal in 1997. These damn ass clowns that are doubling as referees has to go! They finally cost a team a game.
1) Tate gave a vicious two handed shove to the CB that was in front of him like he was starting a fight at the club.
2) M.D. Jennings clearly caught the ball and came down with it
3) One official made the touchback signal
4) The other official gave the TD signal
5) The nut job in the replay booth didn’t even overturn the bad call (and he is the real replay guy)
Then they expected GB to come back on the field just for the extra point. F%@k that!! If I was coach McCarthy I would have told them to go to hell.
Commissioner strong arm claims he wants to clean up the NFL and protect the shield, but the SOB is going to let these bush league ref’s s screw up the league. I hope every player in the league complain about the highway robbery that occurred last night. What is he gonna do, fine everybody?? The regular have another leg to stand on after last night. These refs, these refs, these refs!!! If I was the GB organization I’ll raise all kind of hell. Flipping over tables, send Goddell nasty text messages, write homo on his car in mustard, and whatever else I can’t think of. Last night was an absolute travesty!! Then the NFL makes a statement claiming that the right call was made, and they are sticking with the call on the field. This is not acceptable!! Something has to be done!!


NFL preview (week 3)

Week 3 started last Thursday with the Giants beating the hell out of Cam Newton and the Panthers. Cam is not ready for the prime time!
Not a lot of intriguing game this week but there are a few that has caught my eye. A pair of undefeated team gets matched up, Falcons vs Chargers and Eagles vs Cardinals. The Falcons answered the call last Monday by beating the Broncos. The Patriots and the Ravens is always must see tv. I’d rather report on these games instead of a preview. But here are my picks (7-5 on the year)
1. Falcons over Chargers
2. Eagles over Cardinals
3. Seahawks over Packers
4. Patriots over Ravens
5. Bears over Rams
6. Saints over Chiefs

NCAA Football wrap-up (week 4)

College football seems to never disappoint me!! Week after week we get great, exciting action. From the smothering defenses, high-powered offenses, to electric plays! Yesterday had a upset, a heavyweight bout, and predictable destruction!! For the game of the week!!
4) FSU (4-0,2-0) vs. 10) Clemson (3-1,0-1)
Now the question for this game is, “Is FSU back?”
This game was straptastic!! This game was for the Seminoles to show the world that we are back, and boy did they speak LOUD and clear!! After Clemson goes up 28-14, I panicked! But the panic was all for not. FSU went on to score 35 second half points, out scoring Clemson 35-16 in that span. FSU ran the ball efficiently. Thompson is going to be a special back!! EJ Manuel grew up right before our eyes. Setting several all time highs, Manuel was not going to be denied!! That kid was awesome! FSU has speed at damn near every skilled positions. Coach Fisher has those players focused!! Bottom line FSU answered the call. They have a clear path to the BCS championship game. Basically, win and you in!!

1) Alabama beat the dog shit out of FAU 40-7, as expected
2) LSU escapes with a 12-10 victory of Auburn, sloppy, but a win is a win
3) Oregon annihilates Arizona 49-0, didn’t expect that at all!
5) UGA bitch slapped Vandy 48-3, the Bulldogs are for real!!
6) Oklahoma is upset by 15) Kansas St. 24-19, not surprised
7) South Carolina welcomes Missouri to the SEC with a 31-10 ass cutting!
8) WVU handles Maryland 31-21

Now I’m going to give you my personal top 5 and projected BCS Championship game:
1) Alabama
2) Oregon
3) FSU
4) UGA
5) LSU
Projected Title game: FSU vs. UGA

Falcons Recap

Now that the dust has settled, it’s my turn to give you a veteran season ticket holder of what happened in the Georgia Dome!!
Monday Night Football. The Falcons vs. The Broncos. Marquee match-up! Matt Ryan vs. Peyton Manning!
THE ATLANTA FALCONS ROSE UP!! It was a lot of doubters and haters saying we were going to lose, we’re not ready for prime time, blah, blah, blah!! The Falcons answered the call beautifully!! Mike Nolan’s defense forced 3 INT’s on Denver’s first three possessions!
And what a way to start the game. Before I knew it the score was 10-0 midway through the first quarter. Matt was sharp, Tony and Julio dropped a couple of passes, Roddy showed up as he always do on MNF, and the defense played brilliantly all game except getting gashed by McGahee for 100 plus yards and two TD’s. We have to do much better at stopping the run. The game wasn’t as close as the score would indicate! Fat boy Turner did absolutely nothing for a second straight game! Then this ass clown goes out and get a DUI because he decides to go 97 in a 65 in Gwinette county! That was smart, dumb ass!! I don’t wanna get to excited because its a long season. We need to take one game at a time. We’ve enjoyed this win, now let’s focus on the San Diego Chargers. Who has an overrated QB, no reliable RB’s, who’s who as far a WR’s go. But they do have a beast of a TE in Antonio Gates when healthy!!

NFL preview Week 2

This week of NFL action has some good games on paper, but that doesn’t always translate onto the field.
The game between the Panthers vs. the Saints is a must win for both teams. Teams that start the season 0-2, have a hard time making the playoffs. I don’t have either one of these NFC South rivals making the playoffs anyway. Cam doesn’t have a big enough cape to take this dreadful team to the playoffs. As far as the Saints go, I hate them bastards!! I hate the Saints like a man hates going to the doctor in his forties to get that proverbial finger stuck up his ass!! Both of these teams can rot on hell for all I care.

The Eagles and Ravens should be an outstanding game!! Maybe we’ll get to see Ray Lewis blast Mike Vick. The Eagles off line needs to be able to contain the front seven of the Ravens. If not, Vick and the Eagles will have a long day. The Ravens have a have a history with Vick. They broke his leg in the third pre-season game in 2003, on my birthday August 16, in the Georgia Dome. This game also features two of the best RB’s in the game in LeShon McCoy and Ray Rice. Should be a good football game!

The Jets vs. Steelers is going to be a mixed bag, I think!! The Jets had an aberration last week vs. the Bills. They probably won’t score 40 points the remainder of the season. Their offense is atrocious, defense is vastly overrated, and a “I look sick coach”! Rex Ryan looks like he had a pin stuck in his ass and all that hot air was let out. The Steelers are old as a VCR!! The Steelers are going through an identity crisis. Ride Roethlisberger’s arm or continue to be the smash mouth run right at you football team. Their defense is old and overrated. They might win this game, but I doubt they’ll make the playoffs this year. I think it’s time for the Steelers to rebuild.

Look for my preview of the Falcons vs. Broncos around 7pm! Primetime post!!

Can RG3 repeat his first game success against Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams??
Will Andrew Luck get his first NFL victory against the Vikings??
The Giants face an early must win vs. the Bucs.

My picks: I went 2-4 last week. I’m going to redeem my self this week
Falcons over Broncos
49ers over Lions
Steelers over J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets
Ravens over Eagles
Panthers over Saints
Giants over Bucs

NCAA Football wrap-up

1) Alabama(3-0,1-0) beats the hell out of Arkansas, 52-0!! When the season started both teams were ranked in the top 10. Arkansas’ loss last week to UL-Monroe knocked their much heralded QB Tyler Wilson out of the game and caused him to miss this week’s game against #1 ‘Bama. Playing without Wilson was the main reason that Arkansas was blitzed by the Crimson Tide!!! Up next for Alabama, FAU!! Alabama continues their trek to The National Championship Game!!

2) The “almighty” USC Trojans (2-1,0-1) were upset by the Stanford Cardinals, 21-14. That marks the fourth year in a row that Stanford has beaten USC. Stanford is the only Pac-12 team that Matt Barkley hasn’t beaten. I knew USC was overrated!! They do not have a complete team. They have a really good QB and almost great WR’s. But you still have to play defense, which USC doesn’t do very well. One good thing about it for USC fans, they lost early, so they still have time to get back in the National Title picture.

3) LSU (3-0,0-0) destroys Idaho 63-14!! SEC rules!! Enough said!!

4) Oregon (3-0,0-0) pummels Tenn Tech, 63-14! I’m intrigued by their game against USC later in the season! The PAC-12 doesn’t have a chance in hell beating the SEC Champ in the National Title game. They have about as much of a chance as Sir Elton John going to a strip club!

5) FSU (3-0,1-0) opens up a can of whoop ass on Wake Forest. They avenged their loss from last season at Wake. Chris Thompson exacted his revenge also. In the game last year, he suffered a broken back and was lost for the season. He responded well with TD runs of 74 yards, and 80 yards giving him a career high of 197 yards on 9 carries in the first half! FSU isn’t playing around this year. We damn shoal will see next week when #11 Clemson visits Tallahassee!!
6) Oklahoma idle
7) UGA (3-0,1-0) blasted FAU 56-20
8) SCAR (3-0,1-0) annihilates UAB 49-6
9) WVU (2-0,1-0) dominates JMU 42-12
10) Mich St (2-1,0-0) loses to ND 20-3

Worth Mentioning:
13) VT (2-1,1-0) upset by Pitt 35-17
18) UF (3-0,2-0) takes out 23) Tennessee 37-20