Atlanta Falcons season preview


This Wednesday marks the start of the NFL season, with the defending Super Bowl champions The New York football Giants vs. “America’s team” The Dallas Cowboys.

On Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons will visit the AFC West Kansas City Chiefs. The success of this season will hinge on a couple of things:
1) the offense line must protect Matt Ryan better. With all of the weapons we have, it’s no excuse for Matt Ryan and our offense, to not be among one of the best offenses, not only in the NFC, but the entire league. I don’t care for Michael Turner as our featured back, but with Quizz, and Snelling, our running game should keep everybody rested throughout the season. With M. Ryan, R. White, J. Jones, T. Gonzalez, H. Douglas, and the three above mentioned RB’s our offense should put up 30-40 pts a game, easily!!

2) our defense was pretty much bend, but don’t break last year. This year, that won’t cut it. We need to improve our pass rush, and step our linebacker play up. We should have an above average secondary with D. Robinson, A. Samuel, B. Grimes, and W. Moore. We have 8 prolific passers on our schedule this year, so the defense will be tested all year long.

3) coach Smith got the heat off his ass by hiring two new coordinators ( offense D. Koetter and defense M. Nolan). These new coordinators need to utilize our players better, and put players in position to take advantage of their talents.

I predict the Falcons to win the NFC south, with a 10-6 record.


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