NFL season preview


This is what every man ( and females that like football too ) that has a pulse been waiting for! After a long hot summer, we are rewarded with the greatest sport on earth. The NFL. This season is going to a great one. Storylines, rookies, unhappy officials, and unanswered questions among and other things are the reason that this season is must see tv.

Will Matt Ryan lead the Falcons to a playoff victory under coach Smith. This seaon may be one of the most important seasons in the 46 year history of the team. Matt Ryan was drafted 3rd overall in the 2007 NFL draft. Ryan busted on the scene with a 61 yd TD pass on his first NFL throw, which was followed by a 11-5 record with a trip to the playoffs, L in round 1. Ryan and the Falcons are 0-3, losing to the NFC champions every season. This season, the Falcons should make a step forward and win that elusive playoff victory.

The Saints will take two steps back with the loss of coach Payton, due to his season-long suspension, as a result of the bounty gate scandal. Drew Brees is one the best QB’s in the league, but even he can’t lead the team to overcome not having their General on the sideline leading them.
Look for the Saints to finish 2nd in the NFC South, barely missing the playoffs.

Look for the Giants to be mediocre at best. They won the Super Bowl last year, true enough, but they got hot at the right time last year, and rode Eli all the way to a Super Bowl victory last. But this is the same team that loss to the Redskins twice last year. Couple that with the loss of Brandon Jacobs, and Mario Manninnghan, the Giants will remain no more than average. Unless their d-line plays like it did the last 6 games of the season last season, including the playoffs.

Tom Brady will be 35 years old this season. I thought this guy was in his late 20’s, at least 29. Brady is one if the best QB’s to ever play the game. He will lead the Patriots to the playoffs againi, and possibly another Super Bowl. Their defense and running game are the weakest positions on the team. Drafting 6 defensive players in this past June’s draft, comes with hopes that these picks will help the team immediately. Their RB’s aren’t worth mentioning.

Will Andrew Luck and RG3 be the success stories that everybody wants them to be. I don’t know. I think they will be decent average QB’s. For every great QB drafted 1 & 2, you have Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell. I’m just saying.

Will Peyton Manning’s neck hold up. If it does, Denver may make a serious run at the Super Bowl. If it doesn’t, I hope they have a stretcher waiting in the tunnel.

These are some of the storylines that will make up an unforgettable season. I will blog the other intriguing storylines, wrapping up my season preview before the season opening weekend concludes. Blog you soon!!



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