Romo, Dallas earns first victory of the season

So, Dallas was victorious last night against division rival, and Super Bowl champs, New York Giants, 24-17. Tony Romo, 307 yds, 3 TD’s, played like an elite QB last night. If the Cowboys can put together complete four quarter games, offense, defense, special teams, they could make a run at the NFC East division championship. DeMarcus Ware is a certified BEAST on the defensive line. He reached 100 sacks quicker than anyone in NFL history, besting the great Reggie White. Dez Bryant showed what he can do, if he stays on the field for sixteen games. DeMarco Murray has the talent set to become a 12-13,000 yd rusher. Jason Witten, with his spleen injury, needs to just coast along at the beginning of the season, until he reaches full strength.

All in all, the Cowboys looked pretty good last night, and only won by seven points. I can’t put my finger on it, but Dallas is missing something! If they can figure it out, they may be trouble down the line. But you know Romo, he’ll find a way to screw it up. He always does!!!

I knew the Giants would struggle this year, but it’s early. The Giants motto should be “as long as we make the playoffs, we’re good” They are going to have to play a whole lot better than that to even sniff the playoffs. With the Eagles, Redskins, and Cowboys, the road to the playoffs for the Giants just got a little more difficult.


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