Let me begin by saying, #GoFalcons I am very impressed with what I saw yesterday!! Matt Ryan had control of the high octane offense. The one thing I’ve been complaining about for the last two years is FAT ASS, I can’t find the hole, Michael Turner. Sit his Krispy Kreme eating ass down, and let’s roll with Quizz and Snelling. The defense started out slow, but made second half adjustments. I don’t know if it was the scolding that defense coordinator Mike Nolan gave them or if it was the players who took the initiative to play better. Whatever it was, I see we are a team that can, or should I say, better, score at least 35 pts a game. If that’s the case, watch out, because we opening up cans of whoop ass all year long, CHURCH!!!! I’ll go more in depth about this game in my weekly Falcons post on Wednesday.
On to the rest of the NFL:
RG3 goes in on the Saints in his NFL debut and his first victory. First of all, I hate the Saints. Karma is a bitch, ain’t it!! There’s no need for them to worry about bounty gate, yesterday, they should have worried about RG3 gate. And they lost at home to a rookie QB. RG3 went 19/26, 320 yds and 2 TDs. Nice opening game kid. Maybe I was wrong about him, then again, it’s only the first game.
The Bears ruined Andrew Luck’s debut. The Bears defense was just too much for the rook to handle. I thought Colts owner, Jim Irsay, was going to get on twitter, around say 3am and have one of his drunken tweet rants. No such luck, no pun intended!
Peyton Manning lead the Broncos to a victory in his first start over the Steelers. Close game until the fourth quarter. Peyton seems to be fine after getting up after two sacks. The Steelers are old on defense, and I don’t see I-can’t-control-myself-in-the-club Big Ben leading the black and gold into the playoffs this season.
Jets explode on the Bills by scoring offensive, defensive, and special teams TDs. St. Timothy from Gainesville did next to nothing. Sanchez should be safe, as long as the Jets keep winning.
Vick and the “dream team” barely escapes Cleveland with a victory. Vick throws 56 passing attempts, 56!! If that keeps up its going to be a long season for the former owner of the now defunct Bad News Kennels. 4 INTs didn’t make it any better!! Cleveland was downright horrible. PERIOD!! Enough said!!
SF smashes Aaron Rodgers and the Packers!! Some said that this may very well be a preview of the NFC Championship game. The 49ers played great defense, and had a more than solid running game. And Mr. Moss caught a TD. I was waiting for him to moon the crowd, but I guess he has grown up.

All in all, a great opening weekend for the NFL. Looks like this is going to be another straptastic season. Till the next post!!! By the way, I went 2-4 on my picks, DAMN!!


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