Falcons Report Week 1


Let me start out by saying THE FALCONS KICKED ASS SUNDAY!! They went up to Kansas City and did work. The Chiefs were game for the first half, but the second half, not so much. The Falcons offense looked totally different with Dirk Koetter, the offenseive coordinator, at the helm. Passes down the field, screen passes, no running for FAT ASS Michael Turner, who barely had more rushing yards than Matt Ryan might I add (That’s a DAMN shame!). It’s like night and day from ol’ vanilla ass Mike Mularkey (Good luck, Jacksonville). 40 pts in a game with Matty Ice throwing the ball all over the place. It was like every time he threw the ball it went for a first down. It’s clear that Julio is a beast. Roddy is consistent, HD looks like he’s back to form from tearing up his knee two years ago, and Gonzo, enough said. The offense looks like its in place to take us to places we’ve never been before. Whenever Matt Ryan throws threeTD’s and runs for one, and Julio catches two TD’s watch out NFL!! Here we come!! CAN’T WAIT!!

In the first half, the defense couldn’t hold a new born baby. Not stopping teams on third down, no pressure on the QB, getting gashed with the run. Looks like a Mike VanGorder defense to me (Good luck, Auburn). But at halftime defensive coordinator Mike Nolan got them fired up like joints on 4/20!! Spoon smashing Matt Cassel and making other pays. Ray Anderson playing the run and getting to the QB, Abraham getting sacks and stripping Cassel. In the second half, the defense forced turnovers on three consecutive drives leading to thirteen points. The defense stepped up big time but, I wanna see them play a whole four quarters!

On my weekly Friday Falcons preview, I’ll post my thoughts about our upcoming game against the big headed Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos on MNF!! Til the next post!!



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