Notre Dame joins the ACC, kinda of.

So, Notre Dame decides to join the ACC, not in football, but in other sports. But they do agree to play 5 yearly ACC games on the gridiron. Let me be real clear, the ACC doesn’t need Notre Dame so to speak, but they do want the extra exposure that Notre Dame will garner.  Even though its been over 20 sum odd years since Notre Dame has won anything of  substance, the fact still remains that the football program already has elements of a successful team. They have their own network, check, tradition, check, cash out the wazoo, check. And guess who else wins from this deal, The Chick-Fil-A Bowl and the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff classic. If Notre Dame becomes bowl eligible, the Chick-Fil-A would steal bus fare from an old lady at a bus stop to get Notre Dame in their game versus a SEC opponent. There are a few games that would be marquee games for ACC football, (including games with FSU, Miami, VT or Clemson playing) and ND would take a L in all of them, well maybe except the trash ass Hurricanes. Miami probably couldn’t even beat St. Mary’s school for nuns. ( I know its one out there ) CHURCH!! All in all, with their match-ups versus Stanford, USC, Michigan, plus those 5 yearly ACC games, I don’t see ND returning to prominence anytime soon. Til the next blog!


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