NCAA Football wrap-up

1) Alabama(3-0,1-0) beats the hell out of Arkansas, 52-0!! When the season started both teams were ranked in the top 10. Arkansas’ loss last week to UL-Monroe knocked their much heralded QB Tyler Wilson out of the game and caused him to miss this week’s game against #1 ‘Bama. Playing without Wilson was the main reason that Arkansas was blitzed by the Crimson Tide!!! Up next for Alabama, FAU!! Alabama continues their trek to The National Championship Game!!

2) The “almighty” USC Trojans (2-1,0-1) were upset by the Stanford Cardinals, 21-14. That marks the fourth year in a row that Stanford has beaten USC. Stanford is the only Pac-12 team that Matt Barkley hasn’t beaten. I knew USC was overrated!! They do not have a complete team. They have a really good QB and almost great WR’s. But you still have to play defense, which USC doesn’t do very well. One good thing about it for USC fans, they lost early, so they still have time to get back in the National Title picture.

3) LSU (3-0,0-0) destroys Idaho 63-14!! SEC rules!! Enough said!!

4) Oregon (3-0,0-0) pummels Tenn Tech, 63-14! I’m intrigued by their game against USC later in the season! The PAC-12 doesn’t have a chance in hell beating the SEC Champ in the National Title game. They have about as much of a chance as Sir Elton John going to a strip club!

5) FSU (3-0,1-0) opens up a can of whoop ass on Wake Forest. They avenged their loss from last season at Wake. Chris Thompson exacted his revenge also. In the game last year, he suffered a broken back and was lost for the season. He responded well with TD runs of 74 yards, and 80 yards giving him a career high of 197 yards on 9 carries in the first half! FSU isn’t playing around this year. We damn shoal will see next week when #11 Clemson visits Tallahassee!!
6) Oklahoma idle
7) UGA (3-0,1-0) blasted FAU 56-20
8) SCAR (3-0,1-0) annihilates UAB 49-6
9) WVU (2-0,1-0) dominates JMU 42-12
10) Mich St (2-1,0-0) loses to ND 20-3

Worth Mentioning:
13) VT (2-1,1-0) upset by Pitt 35-17
18) UF (3-0,2-0) takes out 23) Tennessee 37-20


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