NFL preview Week 2

This week of NFL action has some good games on paper, but that doesn’t always translate onto the field.
The game between the Panthers vs. the Saints is a must win for both teams. Teams that start the season 0-2, have a hard time making the playoffs. I don’t have either one of these NFC South rivals making the playoffs anyway. Cam doesn’t have a big enough cape to take this dreadful team to the playoffs. As far as the Saints go, I hate them bastards!! I hate the Saints like a man hates going to the doctor in his forties to get that proverbial finger stuck up his ass!! Both of these teams can rot on hell for all I care.

The Eagles and Ravens should be an outstanding game!! Maybe we’ll get to see Ray Lewis blast Mike Vick. The Eagles off line needs to be able to contain the front seven of the Ravens. If not, Vick and the Eagles will have a long day. The Ravens have a have a history with Vick. They broke his leg in the third pre-season game in 2003, on my birthday August 16, in the Georgia Dome. This game also features two of the best RB’s in the game in LeShon McCoy and Ray Rice. Should be a good football game!

The Jets vs. Steelers is going to be a mixed bag, I think!! The Jets had an aberration last week vs. the Bills. They probably won’t score 40 points the remainder of the season. Their offense is atrocious, defense is vastly overrated, and a “I look sick coach”! Rex Ryan looks like he had a pin stuck in his ass and all that hot air was let out. The Steelers are old as a VCR!! The Steelers are going through an identity crisis. Ride Roethlisberger’s arm or continue to be the smash mouth run right at you football team. Their defense is old and overrated. They might win this game, but I doubt they’ll make the playoffs this year. I think it’s time for the Steelers to rebuild.

Look for my preview of the Falcons vs. Broncos around 7pm! Primetime post!!

Can RG3 repeat his first game success against Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams??
Will Andrew Luck get his first NFL victory against the Vikings??
The Giants face an early must win vs. the Bucs.

My picks: I went 2-4 last week. I’m going to redeem my self this week
Falcons over Broncos
49ers over Lions
Steelers over J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets
Ravens over Eagles
Panthers over Saints
Giants over Bucs


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