NCAA Football wrap-up (week 4)

College football seems to never disappoint me!! Week after week we get great, exciting action. From the smothering defenses, high-powered offenses, to electric plays! Yesterday had a upset, a heavyweight bout, and predictable destruction!! For the game of the week!!
4) FSU (4-0,2-0) vs. 10) Clemson (3-1,0-1)
Now the question for this game is, “Is FSU back?”
This game was straptastic!! This game was for the Seminoles to show the world that we are back, and boy did they speak LOUD and clear!! After Clemson goes up 28-14, I panicked! But the panic was all for not. FSU went on to score 35 second half points, out scoring Clemson 35-16 in that span. FSU ran the ball efficiently. Thompson is going to be a special back!! EJ Manuel grew up right before our eyes. Setting several all time highs, Manuel was not going to be denied!! That kid was awesome! FSU has speed at damn near every skilled positions. Coach Fisher has those players focused!! Bottom line FSU answered the call. They have a clear path to the BCS championship game. Basically, win and you in!!

1) Alabama beat the dog shit out of FAU 40-7, as expected
2) LSU escapes with a 12-10 victory of Auburn, sloppy, but a win is a win
3) Oregon annihilates Arizona 49-0, didn’t expect that at all!
5) UGA bitch slapped Vandy 48-3, the Bulldogs are for real!!
6) Oklahoma is upset by 15) Kansas St. 24-19, not surprised
7) South Carolina welcomes Missouri to the SEC with a 31-10 ass cutting!
8) WVU handles Maryland 31-21

Now I’m going to give you my personal top 5 and projected BCS Championship game:
1) Alabama
2) Oregon
3) FSU
4) UGA
5) LSU
Projected Title game: FSU vs. UGA


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