NFL Screw Job


Let me start off by saying I haven’t seen a screwjob like this since Vince screwed Bret at Survivor Series in Montreal in 1997. These damn ass clowns that are doubling as referees has to go! They finally cost a team a game.
1) Tate gave a vicious two handed shove to the CB that was in front of him like he was starting a fight at the club.
2) M.D. Jennings clearly caught the ball and came down with it
3) One official made the touchback signal
4) The other official gave the TD signal
5) The nut job in the replay booth didn’t even overturn the bad call (and he is the real replay guy)
Then they expected GB to come back on the field just for the extra point. F%@k that!! If I was coach McCarthy I would have told them to go to hell.
Commissioner strong arm claims he wants to clean up the NFL and protect the shield, but the SOB is going to let these bush league ref’s s screw up the league. I hope every player in the league complain about the highway robbery that occurred last night. What is he gonna do, fine everybody?? The regular have another leg to stand on after last night. These refs, these refs, these refs!!! If I was the GB organization I’ll raise all kind of hell. Flipping over tables, send Goddell nasty text messages, write homo on his car in mustard, and whatever else I can’t think of. Last night was an absolute travesty!! Then the NFL makes a statement claiming that the right call was made, and they are sticking with the call on the field. This is not acceptable!! Something has to be done!!



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