Hear Me Out

The older I get and the more I read, I have realized that we must change the way we think. Eliminate negatives words, thoughts, sentences, etc. By changing the way we speak about things, it will change your outlook on life. I hear people say a lot, Man I can’t afford to pay that, in investing opportunities for themselves. How about saying I can’t afford not to pay that. That phrase alone changes the way you look at things pertaining to investing in yourself. Another example: I can’t afford to save money. Like my mom always says, you can’t afford not to save money. Always see the positive and make the future that you want to happen. Don’t settle for doing what society says you should do, i.e graduate high school, graduate from college, get married, then have kids. Screw that. Get to that futuristic point in any way you can, legally that is. Don’t always do the status quo. Make up your own rules in appliance within the law. Think about this, what would’ve become of Michael Jordan if he quit basketball after being cut from his eight grade team, or if Eminem would’ve graduated from high school?
Tell a friend, share the blog, and please fill free to comment. I want to hear your thoughts.


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