Hear Me Out

I know by now that you all have heard about the death of NFL star Adrian Peterson’s 2 year old son. This was a senseless act of violence by his baby’s mother “boyfriend”. I will never understand how a women can leave her child alone with a man, who just last year was arrested for domestic issues. Men you should check out any woman before you lay down with her. At least know what kind of people she hangs around. All sex isn’t good sex. Just because it glitters doesn’t mean its gold. And women you should do the same. You shouldn’t have dudes around your child if your not considering marrying him. I have two Goddaughters, one with both parents, and one without. If my goddaughter’s mother lets a man beat on her, it’s going to be both of their asses. A child represents life and a new beginning. There’s nothing a 2 year old can do to make me hit them in the head with a steel rod. A steel rod?!?! Really!! I not wasting anytime listing this dudes name, but he is a fckn coward, a loser, and a dead man walking. When he goes to prison, they are going to open him up first, then gut him like a fish. At least they should, I think they should. He wants to beat on a kid to show that he’s a tough guy. We’ll know how tough he is when he gets behind them bars. This news made me sick to my stomach.


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