If there is one thing that I have a passion for is SPORTS. As a kid, I spent a lot of time watching sports. Sports allows me to be engulfed into something that really interest me. Its the ultimate reality show.

As a child, I never liked reading. But as I enter my adult mental prime, I enjoy READING  to a certain level. I enjoy reading books/articles that touches on Innovative Thinking, Finances, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business.  

WRITING is a tool that lets me be in control of what I’m doing. I like to create things. There’s nothing like seeing what I have wrote come to fruition.  Writing lets me know that I’m the creator of this and one else.

The smell of meat grilling on the grill is one the pleasures that the world has to offer that I enjoy very much. I got the COOKING gene from both of my parents. I never ask to be shown how to cook, I just watched. Today I can say that I really benefited from those eye lessons.

Who doesn’t love VACATIONS!!

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