It’s Friday Night

Tonight I took my wife on a date to the movies. She likes romantic comedies, I like crime dramas, and action. So you know what type of movie we went to see. Being with her has made me do more compromising than usual. I remember the time when it was all about me. Now, it’s all about us. I must say, she hasn’t picked out a bad movie yet. Not my kind of movies, but entertaining sometimes even enjoyable. I don’t mind doing the things she likes to do. But she never asks me to do something she knows there’s no way in hell I’ll do. We fifty fifty in this thing called marriage. My point is, compromising doesn’t make you any less of a man. Matter of fact it makes you a better person, and opens up your mind to things you otherwise wouldn’t consider. Just think how would your life be if you wasn’t open to try new things?

P.S. Baggage Claim was a decent movie, predictable, but decent. Paula Patton is pretty ass hell!! I’d be seeing blurred lines too!!