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NFL Weekend Round Up


Week two of the NFL season has wrapped up. It’s a bevy of intriguing story-lines that has gotten this season off to a memorable one. Can RGIII, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, and Colin Kaepernick continue their early career success? Can Tom Brady lead a team full of nobodies to the promise land?
Every week I’ll give you my thoughts (one or two sentences) on every team in the NFL.

AFC East:
2-0 Patriots: I hope Tom Brady has some big shoulder pads. With the lack of help in the WR position, at least until Gronk gets back, it’s not going to be easy for the second greatest QB of all time
2-0 Dolphins: With two wins to begin the season are the Dophins for real, or will their lack of a running show us who they really are?
1-1 Jets: Two games into his NFL career Geno Smith hasn’t shown much resemblance of a competent NFL signal caller. If he keeps turning over the ball he will find himself planted on the bench.
1-1 Bills: The Bills have to rely on a rookie QB in EJ Manuel. Hopefully CJ Spiller can be the beast he was drafted to be.

AFC North:
1-1 Bengals: The Bengals should win this division with ease. Their front four on defense will cause trouble for opposing QB’s.
1-1 Ravens: With the injury to Ray Rice, Joe Flacco needs to step up. There’s no more Ray Lewis, and Ed Reed to bail him out on defense.
0-2 Browns: The Browns will be the Browns
0-2 Steelers: It’s going to be a long season for Big Ben and the Steel City

AFC South:
2-0 Texans: Houston always starts out strong, then fizzles out. Will it happen again this year?
1-1 Colts: Without Bruce Arians, Andrew Luck is going to have to play much better if he plans on taking the Colts back to the playoffs
1-1 Titans: Tennessee has a decent defense. If their offense could be a little better. No easy win though.
0-2 Jaguars: To hell with it. Sign Tebow already. They don’t have anything to lose.

AFC West:
2-0 Chiefs: Kansas City just might be for real. Andy Reid has those guys playing better instantly. They’ve matched their win total from last season already.
2-0 Broncos: The best offense in the league PREIOD. It doesn’t mean anything if they lose their first playoff game (at home) again. Peyton has to play better in the postseason.
1-1 Raiders: How will the Terelle Pryor experiment end?
1-1Chargers: Is this Phillip Rivers last stand? The Chargers seem to can never get out of their own way.

NFC East:
1-1 Cowboys: By the end of the season, Dez Bryant will be the best WR in the league. And Tony Romo will choke at the end of the season like he always done.
1-1 Eagles: Chip Kelly’s spread/hurry up/90 plays a game/ offense will not work on a continuous basis over a sixteen game season.
0-2 Giants: Eli and the G Men are in serious disarray.
0-2 Redskins: Washington’s defense isn’t worth a damn! Even if RGIII mimicks his success from last year it won win a division title this year.

NFC North:
2-0 Bears: Every year the Bears have the talent to make a deep playoff run. But every year Jay Cutler finds a way to throw it away. Let’s see if Coach Tressman can reverse that trend.
1-1 Lions: Somebody is going to take Suh out on the parking lot if he keeps up with his shenighans.
1-1 Packers: As long as Green Bay has Aaron Rodgers, they have a chance. 480 yds, 4 TD’s.
0-2 Vikings: AP is a monster, but Minnesota is a below average football team with terrible QB play

NFC South:
2-0 Saints: New Orleans has two close victories. Slightly improved defense. They should have a better season now that Coach Payton is back.
1-1 Falcons: The injury bug bit the Atlanta Sunday. Next man up. Matty Ice needs to step up even more now.
0-2 Panthers: Is this the best QB that Cam Newton can be. With all that physical talent, the kid just can’t put it together for a full season. Can you say bust?
0-2 Buccaneers: Josh Freeman is about to lose his job to a rookie QB from N.C. State. And he didn’t take the team picture. Doug Martin is a beast though!

NFC West
2-0 Seahawks: They just layed the smack down on the 49ers. Seattle doesn’t lose at home. Can they win a road playoff game. Judging from last year I don’t think so.
1-1 Rams: St. Louis will be a scary team this year. They have the defense, Sam Bradford needs to up the level of his play.
1-1 49ers: San Fran just got embarrassed on SNL. Kaepernick didn’t even show up. Are the Niners vulnerable when Kap plays a bad game?
1-1 Cardinals: With the Honey Badger, and Patrick Petterson Arizona has two bonafide playmakers on the corners. And both of them are dangerous return men. Scary!

Should Student-Athletes Be Paid?


The answer to this question is a resounding YES!!! These kids go out on the field/court and make their universities millions, and millions of dollars every season. Some in the media, and the NCAA, believe that, for example, a one-hundred thousand dollar scholarship is payment enough. That is an absolutely insane point of view, and one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.

The money from television revenue, and jersey sales alone, can afford to pay these students something. So your telling me that all of the money that the Johnny Football train brings in is only worth a one-thousand dollar scholarship?? Even though Texas A&M makes millions off of him every Saturday??

The NCAA wonders why student athletes takes the chance of receiving money, gifts, benefits, under the table, from agents, profits from jersey sales, profits from autograph sessions, etc. And I don’t blame them. These schools rake in cold hard cash, and the student athlete gets a diploma, and they probably won’t get a job equivalent to that one-hundred thousand dollar scholarship after graduation, if they stay long enough to graduate.

This problem is easy to solve. In the real world, the CEO makes the most, down to the entry level employees that make the least. Use the same analogy in college sports. The best player on the team gets the most, and the walk-on’s get the minimum, and then adjust everybody else’s pay accordingly. If you want to be paid more, play better. Seems simple to me.

The NCAA needs to be severely overhauled. You have these guys that are old fashioned and doesn’t want to change because of tradition. But then again, is the sign of Johnny Football winning the Heisman Trophy as a freshman a sign that change is coming?